Medewerker Lasse

WELDING - Making joints between pieces of steel to manufacture products or parts.

Timely and correct welding of manufactured parts

- checks and prepares parts to be machined according to drawing and applicable guidelines
- carries out orders accurately according to drawing and planning
- takes preventive measures to prevent damage to (un)sawed parts
- in case of mistakes, damages and deviations in parts, this is immediately reported to the supervisor
- checks the machined parts for size and surface quality based on drawings
- observes safety, environmental and quality regulations and always wears protective clothing incl. hood, heat-resistant gloves
- other tasks such as signing off, sawing, drilling, filing, cutting torches and tapping
- administers correctly

Storage frames

- ensures a neat, tidy work environment
- stacks frames in such a way as to prevent damage
- prepares the processed order in such a way that it can easily be further processed by assembly, panel department or the warehouse


- Ensures neat, orderly arrangement of tools and resources
- performs preventive maintenance, according to prescribed schedule
- fully administers his activities

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